01 Customer Request Collection

We will establish a product development team and spend plenty of time discussing your requirements, such as vaporizer form, color, material, tank volume, battery size, as we as your brand identity.

02 Engineering

After confirming the feasibility of the product, we proceed to the engineering phase, which consists of two parts: Industrial Design and Mechanical Design. Once you approved the exterior design rendering, our mechanical engineer will proceed to design the internal structure.

03 Prototyping

This is the phase all your fantastic concepts come into life. We will make the model and send it to you for your approval. Please note that the model may not be perfect as it is built to test the concept and is not finalized.

04 Project Kickoff

If you are satisfied with the prototype, we will kick off the project officially. Meanwhile, a project management team will work out a full schedule to cover the whole process from making the mold to mass production.

05 Pre-production verification

Before mass production, we will conduct several validation tests to make sure the prodcuts adhere to the quality and safety standards.

06 Mass production

Once we have your final approval, we will begin mass production and it usually takes 18-25 days to get the order ready based on the quantity requested. We will ship the goods by trusted shipping agent we’ve been working with.