Adjustable wattage and convenient single button

Adjustable tube fitting 18350&18650 batteries

Three working mods: TC, WC, By Pass Mode

Simple mech mod with exquisite machining

Big 0.49 inch OLED display screen

  1. NICO

    I live in France and I can’t find the Mod 101.
    Can you give me a link tout buy it ?
    Thank you,

    • szehpro

      Hi Nico, you can buy from our reseller lerefugeduvapoteur in France, thanks

  2. David

    Will there be a black one available?

    • szehpro

      yea David, we will have black color soon, thanks for your interest in ehpro products.

      • Salvatore

        Will it be 22mm anyway? it would be great!

        • EHPRO

          Dear, it is 22mm. Please check the parameters of it in our website.

  3. Manfred

    where to buy this product in Germany?

      • Matthias

        No you can’t. They only had 4 of them if I am correct. They have been sold out for 2 weeks now. So when do we get more? I need one, really ^^

        • EHPRO

          Hi Matthias,they will have new order at the beginning of Jan, thanks

  4. Raúl

    Where to buy this mod in Spain?

    • szehpro

      Hi Raul, you can ask and buy from our distributor masquevapor.com in Spain, thanks

  5. D_M

    Where can this be purchased in the USA?

    • EHPRO

      You can send email to our distributor in USA demandvape.com and discountvapers.com. Thanks

      • Armando Rivera

        This device is not listed on the two websites you suggested for distribution for purchase in the USA… so where can we buy one. Thank you.

        • EHPRO

          Hey, Armando. Ohmland security do not put it on their website. Please leave msg in their website email.

  6. Jerry

    Is it sell in Indonesia? still not see in market yet.

    • EHPRO

      Hi Jerry,

      We have not got distributor in Indonesia, we have distributors in EU

  7. And in Russia also =P

  8. Paul Beer

    Hello EHPRO and I wish you a happy new year! I like this awesome mod. Is anywhere in my country, Romania, where is available for purcheasing? And… I don’t see any price, so, how much cost this beauty? Thank you.

    • EHPRO

      Hi Paul, we have not distributor in your city, but we have distributors naturevape.co.uk in uk and dampflicht in germany

  9. Nicole

    What is the Resistance Range for TC? Also 0.1 – 3.0 Ohm?

    • EHPRO

      For TC, we recommend the Resistance is from 0.1-1.6Ohm.

  10. Steven Sawyer

    I think to have a new tube mod with modern technology is very interesting. I look forward to purchasing the 101 mod when it becomes available.

    • EHPRO

      Hi Steven, mod 101 is available now, Could we know which country you belong to?

  11. xa

    Possible to find it in Switzerland?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Xa, we have not got distributor in switzerland, maybe you can buy from our distributor Dampflicht in germany or naturevape.co.uk in UK

  12. westuaragorn

    hi I’m interested in this model but where can i buy it in Poland? or at least is there another supplier in germany than dampf-licht?

  13. Awal Musslim

    Hey there, is this possible to be available in Malaysia?

    • EHPRO

      Hey Awal, please contact Virgin sky and leave mgs to them. They will carry our products soon.

  14. hi I’m interested in this model but where can i buy it in ITALIA? thank.

    • EHPRO

      you can buy from naturevape.co.uk, thanks

  15. Robert

    Hello, is there a distributor or shop in Austria?

    • EHPRO

      you can buy from dampfbar.at, thanks

  16. where to buy this product in Germany?

    • EHPRO


  17. Ckbs

    I need china store for buy?

    • EHPRO

      Dear, gearbest will carry it soon.

  18. Karl Clark

    Hi where to buy in the uk please and what date does the black one come out

    • EHPRO

      hey Karl, naturevape offer mod 101. And the black one will be in around 2 months.

      • William

        I asked this again and was told there is only a ss version. Will there never be a black version?

        • EHPRO

          Hey William, it will have black version.

  19. Luis Mota

    Where can i buy it in Portugal? Thank you.

      • Luis Mota

        Got a reply from Mas Que Vapor, they will not have this mod in stock. Is there any alternative?

          • Luis Mota

            They don’t have it in stock. Neither in Nature Vape nor Dampflicht!

          • EHPRO

            naturevape will restock this week soon. Luis

  20. Phuong

    Hi , how can i buy it in Vietnam?

  21. Dominic

    Hi. Can I buy this mod in Poland?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Dominic, we donot have distributors in Poland now, but you can buy from our distributors in UK and Germany naturevape.co.uk, Dampflicht.de. Thanks

  22. Philip

    Hi, do you have distributor in Greece ?

    • EHPRO

      Hey Phillip, we do not have now.

  23. Santino

    Are you gonna ship more of these to Gearbest? It has been saying “out of stock” for a long time there.

    • EHPRO

      Yes, we will.

  24. Gabor

    what SS wire work in SS TC Mode? I’ve tried SS316L, SS304, and TC doesn’t work.

    • EHPRO

      SS316, Gabor.

  25. HappyVapester

    I can now see, that this mod is available in Europe, but still no mention about it on gearbest. Is gearbest not going to sell this mod anyway, or can you give us an idea, about when it will be available in China?

    • EHPRO

      Gearbest will catty is in the middle of April soon.

  26. Mike

    Hi EHPRO…thanks for that beautiful tube…when will the black model be available?
    Is it TDP2-ready?

    • EHPRO

      Hey Mike, yes, black model is TPD2-ready and it is not available yet.

  27. busoka

    Hello, I’m from Hungary where can I buy/order this mod?

    • EHPRO

      Dear, you can buy from our Belgian or Germany distributors.

  28. Grayson

    Hi, can I get this mod in Malaysia? Do you mind to provide link or any contact in details? Thank you.

    • EHPRO

      dear Grayson, please contact Liangkok. They carry it.

  29. Seb

    Hi! Is there any circuit protection with your tube mod? Essentially I’m looking for a product like this with included protection.


    • EHPRO

      Dear, yes, it has circuit protection inside of Mod 101. It can work on TC, PC, and Bypass working modes.

    • EHPRO

      Dear Bart, Fasttech is not our distributor. If you wanna buy from them, please check the authenticity of it carefully.

  30. Marion

    My biggest wish would be the tube in white … is there a chance that you can offer it in white?
    Thanks Marion

    • EHPRO

      Black color is in plan, white no yet, Marion.

  31. Marion

    My biggest wish would be the tube in white … is there a chance that you can offer it in white?

    • EHPRO

      Dear Marion, we will give your feedback to our marketing department and they will consider it.

  32. Kovász Ezredes

    does the rba secton will be sell seperatly? I would love to buy only the rba!

    • EHPRO

      Yes, it is sold seperately. And for EU market, it can be sold in July.

  33. Joerg

    Hi, what date does the black one come out in germany, thx

    • EHPRO

      We will update you once it is out, Joerg.

  34. Dave

    What about the black colored one?

    • EHPRO

      Dear Dave, we are hearing. Will give your feedbacks to our R&D department.

    • EHPRO

      Hey Dave, the black one is in the design. Will update you once it is finished.

  35. Robert Schilling

    I purchased this mod recently. Is it correct that in runs up to 75 W? Your description says 50 W max. Was it extended through a firmware update and is it still safe? I do not need this high energy since I use something around 8 and 10 W.

    • EHPRO

      Dear Robert, the highest power is 50W. It is not recommended to run 75W for this mod.

  36. saurab

    Does it have short circuit and over discharge Protection? New to vaping and looking a this due to portability. Thanks

    • EHPRO

      Deat Saurab, yes, it has TC control. And also have short circuit and over discharge protection functions.

  37. Jose Filipe Vitor Gaio Gomes

    Hi EPHRO I would like to know were to buy it in Portugal? Thanks

    • EHPRO

      Hey Jose, we do not have Portugal distributor. Can you buy from UK, Germany, France, or Belgian distributors?

  38. Nevalia

    Any word on the V2? I heard it’s going to 75w and would buy 2-3 of these in a heartbeat.

    • EHPRO

      hey Nevalia, V2 is still in design. We will update it once it is out. And thank you for yoru support!

      • Nevalia

        Thanks for the reply! I’m patiently waiting. Any news on if it will be bigger than 22mm? Would LOVE a 24mm of this mod.

  39. Kim

    Hi Ehpro.

    I live in Myanmar and where can I buy this 101 ?

    Please enlightened me.


  40. THED

    Hi,i see that availabe now is Mod 101 V2 .Does the mod support 18500 battery?

    Because 18500 makes it smaller and more elegant.

    Or is there any tube to make it,because V1 i think support 18500.


    • EHPRO

      Dear Thed, the old version is compatible with 18500, while the new version can not.

  41. Luigi

    Hello! Is it possibile to buy a replacement board of 101? I bought one to my girlfriend and I like how it work in tc,I’d like to put this board on a mine diy mod. Thank you!

    • EHPRO

      dear Luigi, sorry that we do not offer replacement board for it.

  42. Traian

    24 mm and usb !

  43. Dan

    Do you have a rough date of when the Ehpro Mod is coming out?
    Thank you

  44. Dan

    Thank you, sorry I meant the black one

  45. Keith

    I have spent hours online trying to find a distributor in the US. Are there any places in the US that sell this mod. I really want one

  46. Chris

    I need to make the mod longer for my purpose. Can I get extras of “tube part 1” to extend the length more?

    • EHPRO

      Dear Chris, every part of one Mod 101 is made separately and only for the Mod 101, and it can not be used in another Mod 101. Sorry we cann’t make it.

  47. Nevalia

    Is there a link to the V2? I do not see it here. I have been waiting months for this and will buy a couple instantly!!! Please respond ASAP!

    • EHPRO

      Dear Nevalia, the mod 101 in our website now is the new one. There are updates of both ends of it, please check.

      • Nevalia

        It’s still 22mm and 5-50w? What’s the difference…?

  48. David

    Still awaiting the Mod 101 in black color…

  49. Bruno

    Hello, where can I buy in portugal? Thank you

    • EHPRO

      hey Bruno, there is no distributor in Portugal now. Please try to buy it from Germany and UK.

  50. Ali

    Dou you sende ehpro 101 mod to afghanistan ( europen military forces) KABUL?

  51. Zaza

    Can you send one to an address in Shenzhen? and I’ll make payment through foreign VISA card?

  52. Victor

    What’s the difference V1 vs V2? It’s only the bat 18500?

    • EHPRO

      Dear Victor, except battery, also the battery cover. The V2 battery cover is more solid than V1.

  53. Timo

    I bought one yesterday at dampfnation.de. I use a Eleaf Melo 3 0,3O at 31,5W and a Sony 18650 3000mAh 20A Battery. It’s awsome!!!
    Thanks for this great and payable Tube Mod.
    Keep it up Ehpro

    • EHPRO

      Thank you for your support, Timo!

  54. Colin

    I have seen 2 different battery caps on the 101, one is gold and the other is stainless,
    Please tell me, are these different versions?

    • EHPRO

      Dear Colin,

      Yes, they are different version. The gold one is the latest version.

  55. bang

    I bought this product yesterday,
    No matter how I try to open the battery cover below, I will not go back.
    Is this a defective product? Or can I not open this?
    It does not turn back to the pan value.
    Since this does not work, the battery inside is not fixed and the product does not turn on at all and does not work.
    Could you give me an answer?

    • EHPRO

      Dear sir, the one you got is the new version. The battery cover can not be taken out. please just screw off the first part of the tube. The tube is made from 3 parts. they can be screwed off in order to change batteries.

  56. Tuncay

    Hi. where to buy this product in turkey

    • EHPRO

      hey Tuncay, you can buy from gearbest.

  57. Fabio Azevedo

    what kind of SS is this mod made?
    304? 316?

    • EHPRO

      Hey Fabio, it is made of SS316

  58. Manfred Dahms

    i need some help for my MOD-101.
    The Tube-part2 is malfunction.
    The mod fell down and dented me. I would need a new Tube2 please.
    I hope, you can help me.
    with kind regards from germany

  59. Bassuni

    I just wonder if i use the mod in bypass mood .. will it perform as a mechanical mod .. i mean the performance ,, like if i use 0.2 coil , will it perform like mech mods or the max will be 50 watt ?

    • EHPRO

      Dear, the max is 50W. And there is no Bypass mode in Mod 101.

      • Bassuni

        “ Adjustable tube fitting 18350&18650 batteries
        Three working mods: TC, WC, By Pass Mode
        Simple mech mod with exquisite machining
        Big 0.49 inch OLED display screen “

        This is the description , and it says there is a by pass mod .. how come !

  60. Liviu

    I live in Romania and I can’t find the Mod 101.
    From where to buy this product ?
    Thank you.

  61. Andrei Dumitru

    The 18350 batteries have to be flat tops or button tops?

    • EHPRO

      hey Andrei, button tops.

  62. Makis

    Hi there.. i can’t find anywhere here in greece the 101 mod.. is there any shop you work with here?? Btw i can’t buy from other countries by our new laws here :-/

    • EHPRO

      Hey Makis, we do not have yet. Once we have, we will tell you.

  63. Dave

    Will there ever be a black colored one?

  64. Fadhil Obaid

    Why you didn’t make the diameter 24 mm

    • EHPRO

      Hey Fadhil, it is in our plan.

  65. Nevscrow

    Pulled my nice mod 101 from the box and couldn’t unscrew the end cap (for batteries adjustment)
    With a little improvise I find it a brilliant little device

  66. razi

    saya di indonesia. dimana saya bisa dapatkan produk ehpro 101 ?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, you can get it in HeavenGifts site.

  67. James Ho

    how about wholesales? i want take some for my shop. i’m from malaysia. thx

    • EHPRO

      hey James,could you give me your email address or skype pls? we couldn’t contact you by vapejames@gmail.com.

  68. André

    Hi guys , can you tell me if still in planes to do a black color in the 22mm mod ( v 1 ) ?? I only see the ss color
    Best recards, André

    • EHPRO

      Sorry André, it’s only one color.

  69. YH

    Hello i live in Maldives can where can i buy it

    • EHPRO

      Hi, sorry we haven’t retailers in the Maldives yet. You can get it in HeavenGifts or other online shops.

  70. Mirko

    Great mod. Just one annoying thing. Is like to be able to lock resistance in TC. From time to time (especially combined with auto off) “new coil?” Message pops up and I don’t notice it because I’m vaping without changing attys… Resistance accidentally changes and I get a bar vape. Also then need to cool down the attys to manually init resistance. Frustrating

    • EHPRO

      Hi Mirko, thanks for your suggestion, it’s useful for us.

  71. Clive

    Hello, who distributes this in Australia? It’s just what I need

    • EHPRO

      Hi Clive, sorry we haven’t retailers in Australia now. you can get it in HeavenGifts site.

  72. roberto

    I wait for the version with the adjustable pin …

    • EHPRO

      Hi Roberto, the pin is self-adjustable.

  73. Andreas

    Same question from me, as on many websites.

    What is the weight of this mod without battery (but full length)?

    • EHPRO

      it’s 125g.

  74. ThisIsBob

    I own a Mod 101 (18650/18350 version) and like it alot. I keep hearing that this version has been discontinued. Is that true? I think I want another one, or two. I do not want the “pro” version.

    • EHPRO

      Hi, thanks for your support. the mod 101 hasn’t be discontinued.

  75. Great mod. I paired it with a SvoëMesto Kayfun 5² and it works absolutely fantastic. It has all the necessary features, such as TC, Bypass,WV. I’m fully satisfied with it. https://imgur.com/a/BGC24je

  76. Stuart

    Which 18350 batteries do you recommend for use with the 101

    • EHPRO

      Hi Stuart,we recommend the output of the battery must ≥20A

  77. StanSmith

    Hi,can i ask about Mod 101, do you have Mod 101 Version 3? Can i see its box?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, the newest version of mod 101 is the mod 101 pro. you can find it on our website. we only have two versions, mod 101 compatible 18350/18650 and mod 101 pro compatible with 18650/20700/21700.

  78. JD

    Could it be possible to know the voltage cut-off rate of the discharge protection? Thanks

    • EHPRO

      Hi, it will be cut-off when below 3.2V.

  79. abEccolo

    Hi, is there present also TCR ?

    • EHPRO

      This product doesn’t have TCR.

  80. Jasim

    Where can I buy from in India

    • EHPRO

      You can get it by HeavenGifts site.

  81. avi

    can i use coils under 0.1 ohm resistance ( sub ohm coils) ?

    • EHPRO

      No, it can use 0.1-3.0Ω。

  82. Adriaan van der Klooster

    Dear EHPRO,
    What protections does this mod have? (Low discharge, reverse protection etc?)

    • EHPRO

      Hi, it has short-circuit protection, overheat protection, reverse battery protection, and 10s cut-off protection.

  83. Peter Hickman

    My 101 is coming up with a ErrNo 6 code. Can you help?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, please contact us by info@szehpro.com for more customer service.

  84. Andy Thompson

    Where can i buy this in the UK?
    I cant find anywhere that has stock.

    • EHPRO

      Hi Andy, you can get it in HeavenGifts site.

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