1. Traian

    This is a great product, near perfect! tcr included, also beauty ring ! I am ready to review it, in italian or romanian !

  2. allecia

    Really nice product..i like body logo, bottom caps its different from 101 n so beautyfull but i thing its looks like gtreather than 101. i’am just waiting for 22 mm ,

    • EHPRO

      thanks, it’s included a beauty ring to compatible with 22mm atomizer.

  3. Toby

    I would love to share and review this product to my followers in California!! Been waiting for a 21700 TC tube mod! Perfect!

  4. David

    Wohooooo, looks nice 🙂
    When will this be available, where to buy it in germany

    • EHPRO

      Thanks, it’s available in HeavenGifts now.

  5. allecia

    Hei Ehpro…Is there a lock feature to be safe when carried in the bag?

    • Jean-Baptiste LOISEAU

      Of course, this is an electronic mod. You can switch it off/on by clicking 5 Times.

  6. J ai eu le 101 batch 2 pour revue très très bon produit un contrôle température aussi performant qu un pipeline pro 1 Bravo EHPRO ce nouveau modèle en et acceptant des 18650/20700/21700 wouhaaaaa cela dois être top je brûle de le tester le posséder très joli en SS bon le black pas mal aussi 🙂

  7. Hello where can I find the Ehpro 101 Pro 75W TC Kit buy it mega that there are still manufacturers Regulated AT Tubs Building

    • EHPRO

      Hi would you want to buy a mod101pro?

  8. Traian

    puff counter ? it seems that this feature is missing like on the other 22 mm tube 🙁

  9. snoose

    Great one! At last a regulated tube that takes atomizers of 25 mm diameter and even can hold a 21700-battery. Two questions:
    1. Are you planning more colours?
    2. I heard in youtube that the beaty ring smalls don the diameter to 24 mm, but it is 22 mm, or isn’t it?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, thanks for your attention. Here are our answers:
      1. Sorry, there are currently no plans for more colors.
      2. yes, the beauty ring is 22mm.

  10. Andreas

    What is the weight without battery of the mod?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Andreas, it’s 140g.

  11. Jeff


    Beautiful mod! For 18650, which end does adapter go on? Bottom?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, it’s at the top end.

  12. Vitor

    Looks great. Where can I buy from Portugal?

    • EHPRO

      hi Vitor, you can get it in HeavenGifts site.

  13. Yazan

    Where can I buy from Joradan?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Yazan, sorry we haven’t retailers in Jordan yet. you can get it in HeavenGifts site.

  14. Francesco

    It’s simply awesome. Where can I buy from Italia?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, ribilio site will available it within one month. or you can get it by HeavenGifts.

  15. Daniel

    Hello, i can’t set the resistence from calibr init. Please tell me how its work. Thank you.

    • EHPRO

      Hi Daniel, sorry it doesn’t support to set the resistance from calibr init.

  16. Jan-Luka Krušič

    Another question: Is there any warranty on this beautiful mod?

    • EHPRO

      yes, there is a 90 days warranty after you receive the product.

  17. Duy

    Where can i buy it? Im from Vietnam

    • EHPRO

      Hi, you can buy it by HeavenGifts site.

  18. Max

    Where can I buy it in China?

  19. Loic


    My 101 mod pro suddenly says ErrNo 1 ChkAtom. I have no idea why, and it says so even though there is no ato on it
    What should i be looking for ?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, it means atomizer isn’t connected. Please check the atomizer.

  20. Andrey

    Could you make a shorter version for a 18650 battery and a diameter of 22 mm?
    That would be the perfect stealth mod!

    • EHPRO

      Hi, Mod 101 is the shorter version, for 18650 battery and 22mm. You can find it in HeavenGifts site.

  21. Bailey

    Hi … about “heat insulation”, which side should be on top or down? There’s a shiny side and soft compare to other side it. Thank You!

    • EHPRO

      Both sides are ok.

  22. Anthony Wicks

    Awesome Mod 🙂 I love tube mods and this does not disappoint and 21700’s last a long time. I’ve already ordered a 2nd one in silver. Keep up the good work Ehpro!!!

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