1. Jerome

    Love to try this out

  2. Don Burton

    I would love to have this for work vape!????

  3. Sharon Summerford

    This is a wonderfully new design. The features make it most wanted. The looks make it most loved.

  4. William

    How do I order one?

    • EHPRO

      hey William, if you could buy from Austrilia, our distributor Vapepro already carried it. We will let them contact you.

  5. Damien N Bellagamba

    Thats the best set up yet. Great idea. Im vaping with a present that my mom got suckered into buying and money is tight so im very happy with the one i have because its from my mother but when we get above water im going to get one, ive sent her utube clips to school her on whats good and bad. The guy at the store got her too so were both vaping with something i would have not purchased for the both of us. Beggers cant be choosers. Lol. At least were vaping and woke up today. Godbless all

    • EHPRO

      Thank you Damien. Best regards to you and your mom!

  6. Cj Barnhill

    what does the new upgrade do?

    • EHPRO

      Lock&unlock functions are added, and better operation interface

  7. Raul

    How do u order to California

  8. Tim

    How do you upgrade? I plug my device in and try upgrading it but everytime the countdown expires my computer still say no device attached while the chord is in. The device resume to charging after the device rebooted.

  9. Jesus

    Is there anyway of getting this one from Mexico or USA? If so, can someone send me the link?

  10. mark

    Thank you for bringing a mod that is so different and innovative,keep up the good work…I’m buying one now…

    • EHPRO

      Thank you!

  11. Mohammed

    How to order if in Bahrain is there is shipment to Bahrain

  12. Well i seem to be getting juice from one side leaking into the other,which kills it for me..

  13. I ordered two one for me and one for my husband. I got the red and black. Love the metallic red color. He got the silver and black and that thing is beautiful. My only question is we ordered from my freedom smokes, one of the boxes was wrapped in cellophane and one was not. Is this practice? The insides where all still individually wrapped. I ask this cause I am going to start reviewing mods and tanks. Right now I am closing out an old site where I did nerdy items and want to do this.

    • EHPRO

      Hey Jennifer, thank you for your support. Yes, it is practice. Freedomsmokes are one of the distributors in USA.

  14. Dave Barton

    Great set up but is their anyway to buy parts for it? I need a new top cap and cant find one anywhere without buying the whole new set up.

    • EHPRO

      please send email to to see whether it can be offered.

  15. I’m absolutely interested in one of these! I seen you have a company in Australia that has them in stock! Could you have them get a hold of me as well? It’ll be ordered as soon as I hear from them?
    Thanks for the awesome design! ?

    • EHPRO

      hey Chris, will contact you soon. Please wait for thei rnews

  16. svein

    Is ther a video on how to set it up and use it,need help setting it up and how to use it.

  17. Sascha Hentschel

    Can i buy the fusion tank separately?

  18. stracener

    Is there anyway I could get o rings for the tank?

  19. Ian

    Living the device best new idea brought to vaping in a long time.
    Just one little problem I have tried to upgrade firmware and each time I download it says it is trojon and deletes it so I can not download the file and use any help would be good

    • EHPRO

      hey Ian, thank you! We are handling the qproblem now. Please try it this Friday.

  20. wwv

    Really amazing. You did a great job in this article. By understanding the vape products in depth will help me a lot to find the best vape for me. Thanks a lot.

  21. Gunner Young

    Gunner –

    So i have been hearing about this new software update, but i cant find the software anywhere… I would love to be able to update this and see whats its all about.
    Current firmware is.. V2.0.0_r 20170713

    • EHPRO

      Hey Gunner, we had uploaded the software to the website.

  22. Steven Bates

    Hi I would like to buy 1 of these in silver in the UK can you help

    • EHPRO

      sorry Steven, we don’t have UK retails selling this, you can get it by HeavenGifts site.

  23. Justin Rivara

    Where do I find replacement parts

    • EHPRO

      Hi Justin, sorry there aren’t retailers sell it, you can only find them from us.

  24. Marwan

    Is it safe and immediately firing ?!
    How can i get it from egypt ?!

    • EHPRO

      sure, it’s safe. sorry we haven’t retailers in Egypt, you can get it in HeavenGifts site.

  25. craig

    where can l buy one

    • EHPRO

      You can check the .

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