1. Bernabé Rojas

    Interesting item.. i would like to test it.. xd

  2. Niina

    It’s the best RTA! I love this! !
    I use it everyday!
    I would like to know details of the pre-made coil. Because I want a spare.

    • EHPRO

      Hi Niina, thanks for your support. Here are some details of the pre-made coil.
      Kernel: 28GA*4 NI80
      Wrapped: 38GA NI80
      Fused Clapton

      • DKyu

        hi, my bachelor pre-madecoil is kernel coil just in three coil. Are the four coils correct?
        kernel 26*3 NI80
        wrapped 40GA NI80
        Isn’t it?

        • EHPRO

          Hi, Kernel 28GA*4 is correct.

  3. Marco

    Un ottimo rta, buona la qualità costruttiva, semplice fare refill, nessuna novità nel deck, ma sia la resa che il tiro sono veramente ottimi. Il miglior rta da flavour che ho provato e che uso quotidianamente.

  4. Ion

    Where i can find pre made coils for this rta ?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Ion, it’s up to you. you can choose some similar coil you like.

  5. Jeff Wooldridge

    Do you sell spare glass tanks for this?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Jeff, sorry we didn’t sell glass.

  6. Vladyslav

    Good afternoon. I am glad that I purchased this rta Bachelor x. But there is one question? Tell me about the size of the screws? This is my first product from EHPRO.

    • EHPRO

      Hi, It’s M3*3.0 hex screw.

  7. Stefan

    Where can i Buy the Coils from the Bachelor X

    • EHPRO

      Hi Stefan, you can get it in HeavenGifts site.

  8. Mostafa

    I got aquestion is there 2 versions of bachelor x rta cause I noticed that letter x on the chimney is different from tank to another some tank its written like x men logo and others x is engraved in different design ????

    • EHPRO

      Hi, it has only one design.

  9. Pharaoh

    Hello I wanted to know the correct coils that I need to get for the RTA Bachelor X upon checking it looks like it is a Tri Core Clapton coil made of Kanthal… can you please confirm this

    • EHPRO

      Hey, it’s Quad-core Clapton. this is the detail of the pre-made coil for your reference.
      Kernel: 28GA*4 NI80
      Wrapped: 38GA NI80
      Fused Clapton

  10. Mostafa

    Which one you means .the one on your website?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Mostafa, sorry for my mistake. this RTA does have two versions of the X logo.

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