1. Pieter

    Great ! 🙂 I ordered trough FastTech one unit and surprise: Since now already 20 day I am waiting to see it shipped. !!!
    Are you able to supply it ?

    Best regards
    Pieter Wenk

    • EHPRO

      Hey Pieter, Fasttech is not our distributor. Please try to buy from HG or your local distributors.

  2. Rick

    Can this mode use also 21700 cells?

    • EHPRO

      Dear, the new version compatible with 21700/20700/18650 batteries.

  3. Aros

    Are 40A bateries good for it (Bachelor X 0.3 ohm)?

    • EHPRO


  4. Neil Pattinson

    When will i be able to buy this tube mod in the uk?
    Do you have a link for a supply in the uk?
    Will you be bringing out a stainless steel version?
    Many thanks.

    • EHPRO

      Hi Neil, you could buy it in Eciggity site.
      And it won’t have ss version.

  5. Jay Schiltz

    Any idea when these will be available through heaven gifts?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Jay, you can buy it now.

  6. Alex

    Hello. What maximum power can a mod give?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Alex, it’s direct voltage output.

  7. Luis Nunes

    Will this be only colour available? Like, wouldn’t it be nice if you designed it “reversed” as the current colours… like say… Tube mech Gold and engravings black? Just asking… This mech mod sounds amazing and I’m waiting to get one over here in Portugal but as it is, if you could desing some more colours or other “mythical” designs that would be awesome!

    Keep the good work!

    • EHPRO

      Hey Luis, thanks for your suggestion and support.
      But it has only one color.

  8. Nirman Vyas

    How can I buy this device.

    • EHPRO

      Hey Nirman, you could get it in HeavenGifts. If you live in USA, you can choose Eciggity site.

  9. Gerardo Martin Fajardo

    Are you planning to make a similar but 21700 mod? I think that would be great!

    • EHPRO

      Yes we are planning.

  10. Kevin

    I Love this mod ! Thank you ehpro but i hope the black one is not the only one?i need silver and gold please ?

    • EHPRO

      Thanks for your support, Kevin. There are two new colors will be released. Please stay tuned.

  11. SRMM

    Next gen wishes..

    1. 21700/20700/18650 Battery
    2. Sleek Gold/SS/Copper/Carbon Fiber color design with small branding/logo
    3. Keep small as possible
    4.BOTTOM FIRE BUTTON LIKE MECH and add fire button lock.
    5.More safety features.
    6. Just one battery light indicator or make a led ring over mod (small and sleek one pls)
    7. Update the chip more hard hitter

    • EHPRO

      Thanks for your suggestion.

  12. Shaun

    Can I use Sony VTC6 and VTC5a battery in this?

    • EHPRO


  13. Max


    How Can I Order it from Germany? GearBest?

    • EHPRO

      yes,you can get it in GearBest.

  14. Vitaliy

    What of colors will be relised?

    • EHPRO

      hi Vitaliy, the brass and the blue will be released soon.

  15. Chris

    are there any differences regarding the content of the new vs old packaging?

    • EHPRO

      The contents are the same.

  16. marcos rafael pinheiro

    only the new ones accept the 21700?

    • EHPRO

      yes the new version compatible with 21700/20700/18650, the old one compatible with 20700/18650

  17. Andreas Beyer

    Where can I see if the Armor is old or new version??

    • EHPRO

      Hi Andreas. the new version has three colors and compatible with 21700/20700/18650. the old one just compatible with 20700/18650 and only black.

  18. Evi Fropoulou

    Does the gold one tarnish?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Evi, it’s brass. as known as it will be oxidized.

  19. Piyush Jain

    Can I use samsung 25r or samsung 30q batteries on a .17 ohm build with this mod.

    • EHPRO

      Hi Piyush, the battery at least 20A. you can use samsung 25r, but not samsung 30q.

  20. Wout

    What’s the max resistance of the mod? Would like to use it for mtl tanks 1ohm and up.

    • EHPRO

      Hi, the max resistance is 3.0ohm

  21. Andreas

    I’ve got the black one. Compatible with 20700
    When I order another black Armor, how can I have a garantee, that ist compatible with 21700 batteries?

    THANKS 😉

    • EHPRO

      Hi, it’s available now. About version, you could ask the shop’s customer service.

  22. Karol

    Please make another version that would have a bottom firing button and would take 21700… it would be amazing

    • EHPRO

      Hi Karol, thanks for your suggestion. but we think it’s more convenient to use with top button.

  23. Karmo

    Who in EU has the 21700 armor mod? Currently got the old one, also is the new one 25 or 24.7?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Karmo, Naturevape will release it. and the new one is 25.

  24. Daniel

    Would it work with a 0.16 ohm clearomizer tank?

    • EHPRO


  25. Kevin

    Hi, where can i buy this here in Canada? Vancouver to be exact? Can you recommend a trusted distributor of yours here? Or maybe a link? Thanks!

    • EHPRO

      Hi Kevin, sorry we don’t have retailers in Canada yet. you can get it in HeavenGifts site.


    Hi, are you planning to release new mod with the specifications like “SRMM” said? i really love this mod and its a very good try but i would also like bottom fire button!!! most of the vapers in Greece (and worldwide) i think they would love that!!! thank you for this excellent mod however, keep doing great job!!!

    • EHPRO

      Hi Luden, thanks for your support and suggestions.

  27. Zuher

    Hi ….
    Can i use sub ohm tank on this mod 0.2 ohm and 0.3 ohm .

    Or only Rda and Rta can be used ?


    • EHPRO

      Hi Zuber, yes you can use sub ohm tank on this mod

  28. Chick Bowdrie

    Does this mod regulate the voltage at 3.7V?

    • EHPRO

      hi Chick, the armor mod couldn’t be regulated. it’s direct wattage output.

  29. Thomas

    What is the weight of this mod?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Thomas, it’s 100g (not included battery).

  30. Flo

    Is it able to clean the inside of the mod? I think i get some dust behind the switch?

    • EHPRO

      hi, we don’t suggest customer clean it to avoid damage.

  31. Marco

    can I use the MOD with Innokin Zenith tank (0.8 Ω coil, 15 – 18 W) and Efest IMR 18650 battery?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Marco, the max voltage output of Armor mod is 3.9 V when the battery is fully charged, according to ohms law, if you use 0.8ohm coil, the max wattage output of Armor will be 19watts, so it may be a little risk if you the battery is fully charged. and about the battery, the mod needs the output of the battery ≥20A.

  32. Marco

    regarding my previous question, what do you mean by “little risk”?

  33. Reece

    What is the recommended batteries for the armor mod and can u use the panther rda and the lock rda what do u mean the lowest u can fire it is 0.8ohm and do u know of a website link that sells the mod and notch coils for worldwide customers I’m from NZ can u use any RDA on this mod

    • EHPRO

      Hi Reece, the only one required for the battery is the output must ≥20A. and yes it can use any RDA, included panther rda and lock rda.
      we didn’t say the lowest is 0.8ohm. we recommended the range is over 0.08ohm, because below 0.08 may activate the self-protection. you can find the recommended range in the Armor page.
      you can get both of them in HeavenGift site. https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Ehpro-Armor-Prime-MOD.html

  34. Don

    Hi can i know why my mod doesnt blink red 3 times when i off it like usual, it was working fine a day ago, and when i switch it on it also doesnt blink green 3 times, it blinks yellowgreen yellow green

    • EHPRO

      Hi Don, the LED seems has some wrong. but it won’t interfere with the working.

  35. Leo

    can i know if there is any solution that my mod is auto firing
    -i didnt click on any button, it just auto fires

    • EHPRO

      Hi Leo, maybe the e-juice leak to the PCB board, if it’s right, you can’t fix it by yourself. when did you get it? we could send you a new one if it still within the warranty period.

  36. Jan-Luka

    is the V2 Prime now 25mm in diameter or 24.7mm, like the previous 20700 version?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, the new version is 25mm in diameter, and compatible with 21700/20700/18650. the previous is 24.7mm and compatible 20700/18650.

  37. Jun

    Hello ehpro
    I’m big fan of your products
    I’m very satisfied of armor prime black&red
    How about release white one?
    It just my wish but i think it will be awesome

    • EHPRO

      Hi, thanks for your suggestion.

  38. Connor J Gillan

    What is the width of this mod?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, the diameter of 21700 version is 25mm.

  39. Stuard Bones

    i got the one whos fits a 21700 it is awesume so small so simple i use iJoy 40A 3750mah and alien claptons 0,07Ohm it work pretty well and it shutdown if it gets to hot very clever SemiMechMod i love this thing soooo much 🙂

    • EHPRO

      Thanks for your support.

  40. Fon

    I’m in Thailand. Which website should I buy from? Or is there any store in AliExpress recommended?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, you can get it by HeavenGifts site.

  41. Lucas Fedele

    where can i find it in Taiwan?

    • EHPRO

      Hi Lucas, you can find it in HeavenGifts site, it supports ship to Taiwan.

  42. Tobi

    Can i use an uwell crown 3 with 0,25ohm coil powered with an ijoy 21700 40A 3750mA/h battery pack?

    • EHPRO

      Yes, you can refer to the resistance description in the details page.

  43. Marco

    do the 21700 fit now?

    • EHPRO


  44. Abd EL Halim Sherif

    From where can i get it in the UAE ?

    • EHPRO

      You can get it by HeavenGifts site.

  45. BArt


    Can i use this product with 1.6 ohm ?

    • EHPRO

      Hi, yes you can.

  46. Luca

    Can I use 2 Clapton Coil (27GA * 3 + 38ga) 0.3 ohm Ni80 in dual coil on Goon 1.5?

    • EHPRO

      Yes,please refer to the form on the page.

  47. Zed

    I am thinking of buying Armor Prime, if you can help me out with a few questions I have?
    1. Will this work with Samsung 21700 40T battery?
    2. Any suggestion on which RTA or Sub-Ohm tank I can use this on?


    • EHPRO

      Hi, it only needs the output of the battery ≥20A. And you can use any RTA you like. Kelpie RTA is our new project, which has amazing flavor. you can try it.

  48. Luca

    A Wismec Guillotine V2 with Clapton 0.28ohm coil can be mounted?

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